Week of Healing


Dec 10 - 16, 2023





Begun in Washington, DC, The National Week of Healing brings together community members, youth, grassroots organizations, and policymakers to heal from root issues that have plagued our nation for generations. Through healing circles, meditation and yoga practice, self-care, safe spaces, and deep community discussions, we aim to activate stronger networks and community resilience.

By forging relationships and collectively thinking about the root issues that have plagued our nation, participants can collectively brainstorm solutions and develop a shared vision for a more inclusive and equitable society.

This collective effort seeks to empower communities, work toward long-lasting change, and build a more resilient society capable of overcoming challenges and healing from the wounds of the past and present.

It is critical that we collaborate in each space without duplicating our requests for scarce community resources. We encourage organizers in every city to come together and share a central location for each event.

Topics & Locations

The National Week of Healing brings intentionality to addressing the need for healing in specific work. Our community-selected topics for Summer 2023 are below.

Sunday 12/10

Healing Black Women’s Health


At Peace Fellowship

1027 45th Street NE



Monday 12/11

Healing from Illiteracy



2498 Alabama Ave SE


Tuesday 12/12

Healing from Grief


901 New Jersey Ave NW


Wednesday 12/13

Healing from Homelessness


Men’s Shelter

603 Addison Rd S, Capitol Heights, MD


Thursday 12/14

Healing from Gun Violence


Potomac Gardens

700 Building (The Rec)

Healing Through Poetry


Zoom: 854 5841


Friday 12/15

Healing from Police Brutality and Incarceration, with a focus on racism and discrimination

Location: Martha’s Table

2375 Evans Road SE

For more information, call: 202-246-7621


Saturday 12/16

Celebration: Heal Moe Concert


Anacostia Arts Center

1231 Marion Barry Ave SE

For more information:



Tuesday 12/19

Celebration: Healing from Gun Violence


Zoom: 816 4900 8292

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Generational trauma is the transference of traumatic experiences or stressors from one generation to the next.

Secondary Traumatic Stress

Otherwise known as compassion fatigue, second-hand PTSD, and secondary traumatic stress disorder, secondary trauma refers to a form of distress or trauma that’s experienced indirectly by hearing details of or witnessing the aftermath of a traumatic experience by another person.

Community Trauma

Community trauma, also referred to as collective trauma, is defined as an aggregate of trauma experienced by community members or an event that impacts a few people but has structural and social traumatic consequences.

Let's build a healing movement, starting with a community moment.